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....cause I've still got a lot of FIGHT left in me....

CHARACTER NAME: Joanna Beth "Jo" Harvelle
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Jo Harvelle's Jukebox

Jo's Main
Canon, Milliways,
Hellverse, Shatterverse
Medietas & Sixth Iteration

Medietas Extra: (Harvelle's Roadhouse IV)

SOS / Summer of Sam
Collaberative Playlist

Harry Potter AU
Jo / The WHD

HP Extra: The Order of the Jobberknoll

Jo's Most Important Theme Songs
Fight Song by Rachel Platten
32 Flavors by Ani Difranco
Storm Warning by Hunter Hayes
Marchin On by OneRepublic
Wild Child by Kenny Chesney
She's Always a Woman by Billy Joel
Consider This by Anna Nalick
She's So Mean by Matchbox 20
Human by Christina Perri
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So this is Christmas
And what have you done
Another year over
And a new one just begun

Jo never told anyone when her birthday passed, nor said anything when they passed Halloween, and Thanksgiving, drops with a simple decree they'll be doing Christmas. It's barely a week outside of their anniversary, that big brawl, and Thorfinn dying and coming back to them. The house is shaking, shaken, getting to it's feet and getting fixed back, but arrangements and decorations begin to appear, and Christmas to come to the house.

The upper house sees the most of it, but the main floor gets a handful of touches, too. A line of two of lit garland on the shelves that whole the bottles against the wall. A wreath on the front door. Paper decorations from Jacob's school, and the whatnot that Merlin finds amusing (like the piano getting Christmas decked). It's still a bar, and it's nowhere, drunk and fighting people might be immediately, but the low-grade acknowledgment is there.

About two weeks out from the holiday Jo talked it over with Amy and that same day invitations are given to the staff, as well as the occupants, to stay the night of Christmas Eve if they've nowhere else to go, and alike to come join the fun on Christmas Day, either way.
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Who: The Whole of the Roadhouse and All of You!
What: An Epic Bar Brawl on The Roadhouse's Anniversary
Where: The Roadhouse (Mundus)
When: Dec 1st Day 246
Warnings: Swearing, Violence, Destruction, Death, Everything


It's the eye of the tighter,
it's the thrill of the fight

Hang around in a bar long enough and you're certain to pick up a thing or two about fights, and fighting, those who get into them, how they happen and even how often, like dominoes waiting to be knocked down, restless with the span and stretch from their last release, chafing until they find it finally.

Hang around a bar long enough after that and you might catch the rarer occurrence whereas the dominoes fall, they fall into yet other dominoes begging and waiting and near to fall, and others, and others, what seems almost, unending, and instead of a match setting off one spark, it becomes a powder keg.

[ Feel free to take this as your invitation to start wherever you are, under any thread header. There are NPC's a plenty, and you can pull yourself and yours in as soon as you'd like, from any point or even many, as you like. No need to wait on the first threaders or even keep it all linear. ]
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[ Locked to Merlin & Jo ]

Jo is sitting on the steps.

She was inside her bar only a little while ago, part of a morbid vigil of desperate hope where she didn't speak much and she cleaned even less. Everything in that room could be replaced except the one thing that had gone, and couldn't. But hung on the slender tendril of trusting in the multiverse, in the place that had stolen her a fourth time, and she knew.

She knew so much better than to believe in that. To hope, or rely on.
But which was worse. She was tired of the voices, and their eyes.

Jo's tired of the lights, which is why there aren't any, and the music, which is why she's somewhere silent, and she can't even appreciate the things she won before it. They are ash on her tongue. Rumors on the wind already. People arrested and in jail, one or two in the lake, several injured. She doesn't give a damn. Not one. None of that crowd, so she's sitting on the steps instead.

It's dark, and she's on the opposite side from where the picture portal to the living room hallway opens, balanced precariously. Small as she is, and can, when she wants to be. Back against the wall, knees up, but not to her chest, just making a small mountain in front of her, and she's watching the wall across from her, if she's watching anything at all.
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Pre-Threading Denuo Wish Finding
1st, Log Thread, Closed To: Jo Harvelle, Amy Pond
2nd, Comm Thread, Closed To: Jo's Phone, The Girls, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester
3rd, Log Thread, Closed To: The Girls, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester
Possible Furthers: TBD

Nidus Location: Currently Unknown
Map Page: Harvelle's Roadhouse, Men of Letters Bunker

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Wiki Entry: Men of Letters Bunker
* Video: Designing the Men of Letters Bunker

Nidus Map Location: Here
Denuo Wishers/Backers: Jo, Krissy, Gabriel, Amy, Sam

Abandoned Factory [ Image 1 ]
Bunker Entrance [ Image 1 ]

Crow's Nest / War Room
Full Shots [ Image 1, Image 2 ]
Stairs, Floors, Chess Area [ Image 1, Image 2, Image 3 ]
Computer Equipment [ Image 1, Image 2 ]
War Room Table [ Image 1, Image 2, Image 3 ]
Decor [ Image 1, Image 2 ]
View into The Library [ Image 1 ]

* Picture Portal to Harvelle's Roadhouse on Mundus

* Video Tour: Crow's Nest/War Room

Floors, Wards/Sigils & Hallways
Floor Map [ Image 1 ]
Floor Sigils [ Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4 ]
Ceiling/Wall Sigils [ Image 1 ]
Hallways [ Image 1, Image 2, Image 3 ]

The Library
View to the War Room [ Image 1, Image 2 ]
Book Shelves [ Image 1, Image 2, Image 3 ]
Main Table [ Image 1, Image 2 ]
Decor [ Image 1, Image 2, Image 3 ]
Weapons [ Image 1, Image 2, Image 3 ]
Spear of Destiny [ Image 1, Image 2, Image 3 ]
Telescope [ Image 1, Image 2 ]
Key of Oz [ Image 1, Image 2 ]

* Video Tour: The Library

Room 11 -- Dean's Room
From the Door [ Image 1, Image 2 ]
Looking To the Door [ Image 1 ]
Furniture [ Image 1, Image 2, Image 3 ]
Decor [ Image 1, Image 2, Image 3 ]
Weapons [ Image 1, Image 2 ]

Room 15 -- Mary's Room
Toward the Door [ Image 1, Image 2 ]
Furniture [ Image 1 ]

Room 21 -- Sam's Room
Door [ Image 1 ]
Looking to the Door [ Image 1, Image 2 ]
Furniture [ Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4 ]
Decor [ Image 1 ]
Mementos Box [ Image 1 ]

Other Dormitories
Shower Room

* Video Tour: The Dormitories

Kitchen (Room 23)
Moving Gifs [ Image 1, Image 2 ]
Sink [ Image 1, Image 2 ]
Fridges & Racks [ Image 1, Image 2 ]
Rack & Stoves [ Image 1, Image 2 ]

* Video Tour: Kitchen

Shooting Range
Facing the Range [ Image 1, Image 2 ]
* 3 Spaces for Shooting

Full Garage [ Image 1, Image 2 ]
Classic Cars [ Image 1 ]
Classic Motorcycles [ Image 1 ]

Impala in the Garage [ Image 1 ]

Laboratory (Level 2, Room 28)
Side Shot [ Image 1 ]
Commador 64 [ Image 1, Image 2, Image 3 ]
Door to Oz [ Image 1 ]

* Video Tour: Laboratory

Storage Room/Dungeon (Level 2, Room 7B)
From the Doors [ Image 1, Image 2 ]
Toward the Doors [ Image 1 ]
From the Side [ Image 1 ]
Floor/Devil's Trap [ Image 1 ]

* Video Tour: Dungeon
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[ B A S E M E N T ]

Rooms: The Armory, The Bar Storeroom, Balthazar's Wine Cellar

* Picture Portal: To Balthazar's Mansion on Nidus. Picture of... [Image]

[ F I R S T / M A I N FLOOR ]
Rooms: Front Door, The Bar, The Piano, The Kitchen, The Staircase
Bar Staff:
Owner:Jo Harvelle (Hunter)
Bartender: Sam Winchester (Hunter
Part-Time Bartender: Oliver Queen (Hero)
Part-Time Bartender: Thea Queen (Hero)
Waitress: Krissy Chambers (Hunter)
Waitress/Hostress: Allison Argent (Hunter)
Bouncer: Sara Lance (Hero)

Unoffical-but-Recognized Bouncer: Gabriel (Archangel)

** Magically Hidden Floor*
Picture Portal:

Rooms: The Bedrooms, The 2nd Kitchen, Living Areas

Jo Harvelle
Krissy Chambers
Sam Winchester
Dean Winchester
Amy & Jacob Pond (w/cat, Luna)
Merlin (w/mechanical owl, Morgana)
Thorfinn Kalrsfini (w/ wolf pup, Sylvi)

Front Facing Side
Jo's Room: Furthest end, no decoration on the door, window facing the front
Amy & Jacob's Room: Nested rooms, one inside-and-adjoined to the other
Sam's Room: Anti-possession charm in honey colored wood on the door
Dean's Room:

Middle/Back Rooms
Merlin's Room: Room, Portal, Door with a simple, silver infinity symbol
* Merlin's Room is kind of pocket dimension room, folding in/out of existence at times
Thorfinn's Room: Norse runes carved in the door frame around a blank door
Krissy's Room: No door decorations, sparsely decorated, hunting-focused

The 2nd Kitchen: Rosh's Coffee
* Fridge Note: Beware the Pituitary Gland Jar

Living Area: Couches, chairs, tables, TV, Radio, Window seat
** Magically Hidden Floor*
Picture Portal:

Rooms: Research Library, Experimental Armory, Magical Weapons & Items Storeroom

Research Library: Sturdy worktables, Indestructible Shelves, Merlin's Books
Storeroom: Secret entrance through the library, warded to let only certain people in
Expiremental Armory: Medium-sized forge, Machine Shop Tools, Work Bench, Magical Cabinet (spelled shut)
* Picture Portal: To Merlin's Lab on Nidus. Picture of a wolf on a white background. [Image]
2 Glass Roof Sections: Over the hallway and library, very fortified

[ R O O F ]
Rooms: Roof Garden ( 1 2 3 )

Secret/Unknown Staff
Gardener: Amy Pond (Kistune)
Wizard in Residence, Gardener: Merlin (Wizard)
Sorceress, Gardener: Roshanak (Centaur)
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